Do you wish to sell your antiquarian books?

The Bookshop Camille Sourget buys rare and precious books from private individuals.We buy antiquarian books in good condition, from the XVth to the XXth century. We are specialized in first editions in various fields, mainly literature, travel, illustrated books…If you wish to sell your books, we invite you to draw up a detailed list and include the information below. They are essential to value your works.

List of information needed:

Author, title, date and place of publication, name of publisher, description of the binding: leather or cloth? paperboards? dimensions?, general condition of the book and possible defects (inside or outside), number of volumes if it is a series (is it complete?), and any particularities (dedication, handwritten note, provenance …). Once you have gathered all the information, you can send us an email, a fax or use the contact form below. We will study carefully these elements and will give you an answer without delay. We may probably invite you to take a few pictures of your works (binding, title leaf, possible defects) in order to provide you with an accurate answer.Please keep in mind that we can only offer estimates on books matching our areas of expertise. If you want to have a better insight of the kind of books we sell, please feel free to consult our website and browse our different categories.


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