The year 2019 is coming to an end and we take this opportunity to present you our brand new catalogue of rare and precious books, the last catalogue of this exciting decade.

You will find a rich and varied selection of rare works from the 15th to the 20th century. Wether slipped under the Christmas tree, lovingly read near the fireplace or designated travel companions for the more adventurous, we are sure they will know how to seduce you.


Flavie Loizon joined the team of the bookshop Camille Sourget in January 2018. Speaking fluently French, English and Italian, she will help you to find among our fine selection the works to enrich your collection.

Raised in a family passionated about travelling, she wandered through several countries of Europe and Africa from a young age and started being interested in ancient and modern art, but also in goldsmithing thanks to her craftsman father. It's not surprising that she decided to pursue studies in History of Art and obtained her MA in History of Art and Architecture at the Sorbonne in Paris. Then she worked for seven years in the world of Parisian contemporary art galleries, where she had the chance to sharpen her aesthetic eye and to work closely with the American art scene. Willing to come back to her first passion, ancient art, she decided to join Camille Sourget at the beginning of 2018.

To immerse herself in the immensely rich universe of book-collecting is for her a revelation, and flipping through centuries-old works on a daily basis and working among treasures from our civilisation is in her mind an extraordinary opportunity.

Embracing the many possibilities offered by new technologies, Flavie will be fully committed to make you discover her favorite finds from the shelves of the shop and to keep the collectors informed of the bookshop's latest news through social media and the website that she animates daily.

Her favourite theme in the inventory, illustrated books (the most appreciated ones being travel and ornithology books), occupy the front of the stage. It will be her pleasure to make you discover the treasures and latest finds of those specific shelves during your next visit at the bookshop.

Her motto at work and in life?: « Believe in your dreams and they may come true; believe in yourself and they will come true. » (Martin Luther King)

To get in touch:

By e-mail:

telephone: +33 (0)1 42 84 16 68


Marie-Luca Van Assche has joined the team of the bookshop Camille Sourget in May 2016. Of Belgian nationality, she will welcome and advice you with enthusiasm in French, English and Dutch.

Thanks to her artistic mother, she has spent her childhoord in the world of art, so it's not surprising that she decided to study photography at the E.N.S.A.V. La Cambre in Brussels. Once her studies finished, Marie-Luca decides to discover the world: she works a couple of months as a photographer for an architect in Corsica, she volunteers 3 months in Luang Prabang in Laos before she backpacks on her own in Vietnam, Cambodia and India. Back in Europe in 2014, she decides to continue to work in the world of art and works for a while in a Parisian contemporary art gallery before joining the team of the bookshop Camille Sourget.

What motivates Marie-Luca the most in the bookshop is to work in a environment where history and beauty go together, to meet passionate bibliophiles whom she can exchange with on the different books at the bookshop.

Embracing the new technologies of our time, she is the one passing all the information and actualities of our bookshop through Facebook and Instagram.

Her favourite theme of books? Yes you guessed it right, it's travel books! It's her pleasure to make you discover the multiple treasures hidden in our bookhsop.

Her moto at work and in life?: "Everything is possible."

To contact her:

by email:

by phone: +33 (0) 1 42 84 16 68