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The evolution of antiquarian books prices, now in English.

«Fine books are the best investment, both financially and culturally.» (Madame de Pompadour and Damascène Morgand.) A STUDY OF THE EVOLUTION OF ANTIQUARIAN BOOKS PRICES, COMPARED WITH VARIOUS INVESTMENTS:

The « Dow Jones » Index of the New York Stock Exchange, the evolution of American real estate since 1890, the Napoleon 20 franc gold coin, one hectare of arable land in Ile-de-France, building cost index in France, the real purchase price in constant 2008 euros.

This study made with the help of the Bank Lazard's services is the first one dedicated to the evolution of the real prices of  rare and precious books from the 19th century to nowadays. It should catch the attention of book lovers  and wise financiers and increase the interest in our books of "high culture" so great the results of mid and long-term are striking.

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news camille sourget librairie